Sales Agent (home-based)

Are you a sales professional looking to increase your income? Are you a person looking to start a new sales career? Or are you looking to begin a career in sales? No matter which it it, this maybe the opportunity your looking for!

After years of selling promotional products we realized we could redesign our website and make it into a home based business site – and so we did. Full or part time, its your choice. Experienced, inexperienced we’re ready for all. Our website allows us to offer our products and services to everyone and anyone who wants to sell promotional products in their area.

If you’re that sales professional who wants to connect your clients to a new service and in so doing add to your present sales income, then we’ve have the opportunity for you.

Or if your looking to get into sales, maybe this is your starting point! In redesigning our website we created a full sales training program that can assist you in learning how to sell, and to sell our products. Join a company with full sales support and a training program in place to increase your odds for success.

No investment required, other than your time and effort!

About the Organization

Newdog Inc. has 25+ years of experience selling promotional products to the end user and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

Our company sources and supplies the latest promotional products for our customer’s every promotional need. Standing by its “customer first” policy, Newdog offers everything from business apparel and to company branded promotional materials. In addition, Newdog has in-house graphics, warehousing, and shipping services which all contribute to providing a superior experience for our customers. The opportunity we offer is to match our industry know how with your sales skills, to help build a better future for both of us!

Using three websites with built in email marketing plug ins, newdog offers a wide opportunity for connecting our services to prospective customers.

  • is a full service promotional products distributor working with over 200 product manufacturers supplying an endless offering of imprinted promotional products for every price point.
  • is an apparel silkscreening site focused on our custom silkscreening service for customers specifically looking for custom printed apparel – t shirts hoodies, etc.
  • is our online store platform offering our customers a “pop up” web store option to merchandize their brand to their members. Schools, teams, and associations are our target market for this site.

Our website is designed to connect you with our experience and knowledge and to connect us with your present and future customers. We are looking to add Agents in your area at this time.

About the Opportunity

We are looking for salespeople to connect our many services to people throughout the country. For the experienced salesperson its an opportunity to offer your present customers another service and product line. And for the rookie learning how to sell this is a great starting point as you will spend your time contacting people to tell them about our products and service- and as you are doing this we work with you in expanding your sales knowledge to assist you in moving forward to become a Professional salesperson.

We offer two opportunities. Depending on your own situation pick the one that works best for you.


Our first opportunity is our “Prospector” position. The Prospector is first designed for the experienced salesperson who has clients but not the time to complete the full sales cycle to fully sell our products. This candidate has the opportunity to add their present customers to our customer list and then send out emails introducing our services to them. If a customer requests further information, we at Head Office can take over the sale for you to completion. For that you will get a 5% commission of the gross value of the sale (less taxes).

The position is also designed for people new to sales looking for an opportunity to learn how to do sell and believes the promotional products industry is a good fit for them. Same work, same commission but we spend more time mentoring these Prospectors sales skills until they feel comfortable with their prospecting skills.

Once you sign up with newdog Inc, we’ll begin training you on how to use the website and the emails program to connect your customers and prospects to our services. And as your experience grows and you want to learn more we are there to make that happen too. So as a Prospector, when your customer is ready to begin making a purchase we are there to guide them through the whole process until you feel you can handle it on your own. All you’ll need to do is let us know who and when to contact, and then our experienced Head Office sales team will take over and assist your client with all the product and production details required to complete their purchase. As we are doing this we will update you and keep you involved in the process so you have the opportunity to learn how it all works and monitor your customers experience.

The Prospector can be the ideal starting point for many people – experienced salespeople or people who want to learn how to sellout products.


Our second position is the “Professional” which is designed for the experienced salesperson looking to become a full service Agent. This is a position for the person who has years of direct sales responsibilities with an active client/contact list and is fully experienced in all aspects of direct sales and will only need training in how our systems are designed. Our commission for this position is 10% of the gross value of each sale (less taxes). The expectation is that you are ready to go and are just looking for the right opportunity.

At Newdog, we provide you with the support and tools you need to build a business within our business. In this unique opportunity, you will be responsible for the full-circle sales cycle.

On a regular basis, this will involve:

  • Sourcing and contacting your own leads by phone and email, including performing client follow-up
  • Working with prospective and your existing clients to prepare promotional product ideas to meet the needs of each client;
  • Conducting product presentations, including face to face meetings (will make up around 20% of your time); and
  • Conduct contract negotiations.

This role would be perfect for a hard working and tenacious individual who is searching for the opportunity to earn extra income and the freedom to do so on his/her own schedule. Alternatively, if you are interested in starting part-time and later moving into a full-time role, then we will support you along the way so you can reach your full potential. And our Prospectors have the opportunity to become a professional once they have acquired the skills and know how.

The Position offers-

  • See your hard work pay off with our 100% commission salary structure
  • Connect your present clients to our services
  • Learn how to sell our products
  • Receive full support and sales training, including internet-based tool so you can work from anywhere
  • Work part time or full time and make your own hours – it’s up to you
  • If this role looks like your next career move, Newdog Inc. wants to speak with you about this game-changing opportunity – Apply today!

Here at Newdog, you will have an unlimited earning potential on a A 100% commission structure. We will support you by providing a fully structured training program – the rest of your success is up to you. If you have the drive and determination to succeed, then the sky’s the limit.

Application Form

1. What type of role(s) are you interested in with newdog?

2. Are you experienced working from a home office?

3. What previous Sales Experience have you had?

4. Please describe a "sales success" you created.

5. Please describe the reason for your interest in this opportunity.

6. Please outline any sales training you have had at a previous position.

7. Have you previously worked in a commission paid position?

8. When would you be available to start?