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Snap It Tin

Give away a Snap-It tin with MicroMints with every quote, sales visit, or to each event guest. Each time they reach for a refreshing sugar-free MicroMint® your name will be seen and remembered. These tins…

Dice Tin

Dice Tin – this larger than life dice tin with Micro Mints catches everyone’s attention when given away at trade shows, conventions and sales calls.  Imprint the tin with full colour graphics.

Mint Tin

Hinged Rectangle Mint Tin offering a huge imprint area filled with English mints or MicroMints.


The iCall is a unique way to connect your customers with your business, sales representative, or call center.  Liquid Lens™ is a doming effect that protects your logo and message under a layer of resin …

Flavor-Burst Candies

What better place than a waiting or reception area to give your customers a little pick me up?  Place a bowl of branded Flavor Burst candies in your reception area and be sure to encourage double dipping!…