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BIC Rize Grip pen colourful wrap-around clips featuring a die-cut BIC Boy with a comfortable rubber grip and chrome-plated plunger and section.

Bic Tri Side Wide

BIC  Tri-Stic WideBody Grip has a three-sided barrel with rubber grip which lets you imprint a different message on all three sides!


Chisel tip for broad-line highlighting or fine-line underlining with textured grip. Bright fluorescent inks

Non Adhesive Cube

Vibrant 4-color process imprint on all four sides. 3 by 3 by 3 inch. Artwork can be different on each side! Plus a 5th imprint area available. 675 sheets- also available in 2 3/8, and 3 by 3 by 1 3/4 inch…

Bic Round Stic

Bic Round Stic, choose your colour combination for these pens. Enjoy 2.5 kms of writing ink.

4 by 4

Adhesive Notepads with a 4 color process imprint with 25 sheets- also available 50 and 100 sheet pads

4 by 6 Beveled

4 by 6 inch beveled notepads with 10 possible shapes