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This Commercial calendar has oversized numbers combine with dramatic color for high visibility.

Large Hanger

Attractive picture and a large ad area create a calendar that is welcome on any wall. The grid is stapled to the mount. Size is 18″w x 28″h. Maximum of 4 imprint colors

Varnished Hanger

This large image calendar draws attention to itself and your advertising. Choose from 16 images. Includes calendar pad #8. Supplied with a December top sheet. Size : 12 inch x 16 1/4 inch.

Exotic Locations

Tropical dream locations captured for all your customers to enjoy. This 6 sheet calendar is great for travel agencies, airlines and more. Guaranteed a prime location. Size : 16 inch x 21 inch (40.6 x 53.3…


This 6 sheet calendar will inspire people with wonderful motivational messages. An ideal corporate gift from prestigious companies in the business world. Size :17 inch x 20 inch, English or French. …

Europa 3-Month

This popular 3-month planner is ideal for import/export companies and those who plan shipments and business activities months in advance. Size : 13 inch x 28 3/4 inch, English or Bilingual.

Memo Instant View

The Memo wall calendar features large memo squares, days are numbered ascending and descending. Includes Canadian and US holidays. Size : 22 inch x 29 1/4 inch, Language : English or Bilingual.