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Highway Emergency

Emergencies can happen when they are least expected. Be prepared with this 7-piece highway emergency set. This set includes slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, one pair of gloves, jumper cables, socket set,…

Emergency Kit

This Emergency Auto kit comes with zippered reflective carry case with open storage pocket contains 100-amp jumper cables, flathead screwdriver, Phillips-head screwdriver, rubber electrical tape, rubber fr…


The WideMouth roadside emergency kit comes with 58 pieces including- Booster Cables (8 foot, 10 gauge, 200 amp clips), Gunk® Puncture Seal™ Instant Tire Repair, Call Police Banner, etc

Survival Kit

The Survival kit comes 67 pieces including an emergency blanket, rain poncho, flashlight/signal torch, 2 heavy-duty AA batteries, light stick, emergency drinking water, 2 emergency candle and much more. …

Highway Safety

Highway Safety set provides safety and peace-of-mind when on the road. This 12-piece set includes 300-amp jumper cables, warning triangle, gas siphon, Mylar blanket for staying warm, two bungee cords and …

Deluxe Winter

The Deluxe Winter kit with 68 pieces including-Collapsible Shovel, Booster Cables w/ instructions (8 foot 10 gauge), Tow Rope w/ Locking Steel Hooks (12’ long, 3-ton pulling capacity), Gunk Puncture Seal…

Travel Safety

76 Pc. auto First Aid Kit, Waterproof Flashlight, 2 Heavy-Duty D Batteries, Safety Vest, Rain Poncho (in resealable polybag), Call Police Banner, Elastic Tie-down Cord and much more.

Power Failure

The Power Failure emergency and preparedness kit comes with a Waterproof flashlight, Emergency Blanket, lite stick, and much more.

Emergency Kits

Emergency Kits are a valuable item that everyone should carry in their car and home. You never know when your going to need help and safety and that’s what these kits provide. newdog has a very extensive inventory of kits to offer numerous options for you.