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Solid Pencil

The Bic Solid Pencil is a great giveaway with wood barrels with #2 graphite lead- excellent imprint area and you can use up to 2 imprint colors.

Scent Sational

Scented 7.5″ pencils

Rainbow Pencils

These wooden Rainbow Pencils will take your advertising somewhere over the rainbow.

Dixon Carpenter

Top quality medium degree core carpenter pencil from Dixon Ticonderoga.

Prang Colored

Prang Colored Pencils coming in packages of 5 pencils. Must be ordered in multiples of 288 sets.

Dixon EnviroStik

Dixon EnviroStik Pencil Renewable CalCedar wood casing. High-quality #2 writing core. Recyclable aluminum ferrule. No lacquer. Certified non-toxic imprint inks. Enviro Green degradable eraser.

Dixon Golf Pencils

100 percent wood casing, high-quality #2 writing core Hex golf pencil.

Dixon Rainbow

100 percent wood casing Rainbow pencil. High-quality #2 writing core. White imprint only.

Dixon Stealth Pencil

Unique black-on-black look. Imprint comes to life against black background.

Ticonderoga Hex

Ticonderoga Hex world’s greatest #2 pencil with renewable Cal Cedar wood casing and premium quality rubber eraser. One line of text foil stamped on pencil available.

Carpenter Pencil

For the tool man. Unlike others, this new Carpenter Pencil has a larger and more durable lead.