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Anti-Microbial New


Anti-microbial pens are treated with a special additive that protects against harmful bacteria, fungus, and mold sticking to the pen. Helps protect you by inhibiting the spread and growth of microbes. Ne…


The EMBW is a ABS Plastic pen with chrome-plated accents, and is designed with an elegant, contoured barrel with comfortable rubber grip and chrome-plated accents. The iconic BIC Boy is molded into metal…


Take advantage of the great imprint area on this impressive ABS Plastic pen, the Axiom.


The Spirit is a ABS Plastic Click action pen with grip and comes with Black or Blue ink.

Grip Roller

The Grip roller is a well-recognized cap pen with a comfortable, textured rubber grip. Fast-drying ink for clean, precise writing and comes with fast-drying ink for clean, precise writing with Blue or Blac…


BIC Rize Grip pen colourful wrap-around clips featuring a die-cut BIC Boy with a comfortable rubber grip and chrome-plated plunger and section.

Bic Tri Side Wide

BIC  Tri-Stic WideBody Grip has a three-sided barrel with rubber grip which lets you imprint a different message on all three sides!


The Bic Rise Stylus has a silver barrel with colorful wrap-around clips featuring a die-cut BIC Boy with comfortable rubber grip and chrome-plated plunger and section with Black ink.


Bic Myth has a unique styling with gunmetal barrels and colourful accents with chrome-plated accents


The Nash is a retractable. ballpoint with a soft grip (except solid silver).


The Veneno is a heavyweight plastic push-action pen with a soft capacitive stylus

Gadget Stylus

Gadget Stylus and pen with aluminum and chrome trim, soft black rubber capacitive stylus and comfort grip and twist-action pen function.


The Veneno pen is a heavyweight plastic with shiny metallic ombré finish, metal clip, black rubber comfort grippers and chrome trim. Push-action pen function