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Custom silk screen printing Calgary

At newdog, we specialize in silk screen printing in Calgary. Whether you need a custom t-shirt, hoodie, or pants, we have the machines to print high quality

We can supply the best brands, we print as if each hoodie was our own, and our prices will make you think we don’t need the money.

All artwork and setup fees are ain our prices to make it easier for our customers. 

Even with 30 plus years experience printing custom T shirts and Hoodies, we believe we can still learn how to do print even better for our customers. As print techniques evolve we know we’ve got to constantly keep up.  Everyday has to be a learning experience.

And now with freight delivered so quickly across Canada we can be your local source for custom T shirts and Hoodies no matter where you are. 

Our goal is to be your best source for custom printed silkscreened T shirts and Hoodies. 

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When it comes to silk screen printing ,t-shirts, hoodies, pants, we have the experience, the garment suppliers, the equipment and staff to produce the high quality silkscreened garments you expect. At our Calgary location, we have two 6 color automatic presses which can print up to 1600 t shirts a day each — which means we can print 3200 shirts a day in total, everyday. Additionally, we have a 6 color manual printer for the smaller jobs. Our secret is that we are super organized. ​

price calculator

Our website has a built in Price Calculator which lets our customers calculate the cost of their next silk screened T shirt order.

Then our customers can make these prices into a Quote and send it to us to start the Ordering process – its really a handy tool and your free to use it!

When it comes to pricing we keep it simple. 

silk screen printing for Calgary, AB, Canada

We are able to silkscreen thousands of T shirts a day at our shop in Calgary.

We offer one to two day delivery via Purolator to BC and over to Manitoba and the rest of Canada a few days more.- which means we are really just right next door to everyone. 

We believe a well organized team can create stress free production for our customers. And stress free customers can be repeat customers.

And it appears to be true!

in-house graphic design

Needless to say silkscreened garments are all about your imprint. If it doesn’t look good – what’s the point.

And to make it look good you need quality artwork and guess what we’ve learnt how to do over the past 30 plus years. So no matter what you have to start with – we can create for you the artwork required to make your logo stand out on any product you choose.

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