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Promotional Products Calgary

newdog promotional products is a Calgary based promotional products distributor that has been supplying promotional products to businesses, events, charities, and fundraisers for over 30 years to our customers across Canada.

With the endless possibilities of promotional products, it’s crucial to partner with an experienced company that can guide you in selecting and organizing the perfect products for your needs.

With a creative team that includes in house designers, product search professionals and a pricing structure that includes artwork and setups, newdog works hard to make your decision easy!

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what our website can do for you!

extensive promotional product catalog

There is no end to what we can supply you when it comes to promotional products. We have hundreds of suppliers with thousands of products to fill almost any possible request. And it’s our job to find the best one for you.
You don’t need to look at every possible product that might work for you – let us do that work for you so you only have to see the best of the best.

price calculator

Our website has a built in price calculator which lets our customers calculate the cost of their next promotional product order.
Whether its travel mugs, calendars, pens, lanyards – cause for every product on our site you can calculate its price!

Our customers can then make these prices into a Quote and send it to us to start the Ordering process – its really a handy tool and your free to use it!

our all-in pricing model

When it comes to pricing we keep it simple.
We call it “all in pricing”.
What does that mean for you? It means the price we quote you will include all costs to create your order – artwork and setups. And that is the price you will see on your invoice.

Our all-in pricing gives you one price to consider.

in-house graphic design

Needless to say, promotional products are all about your imprint. If it doesn’t look good – what’s the point?
And to make your promotional products look appealing, you need high-quality artwork. We have helped our customers with graphic design services for the past 30 years, and we can help you too!

So no matter what you have to start with, we can create for you the artwork needed to make your logo stand out on any product you choose.

why choose newdog as your calgary promotional product supplier?

There are great reasons to choose newdog for all your Calgary promotional products:

  1. We’ve done this for a long time. Since 1990 to be exact.
  2. We’ve got great designers in house.
  3. We can ship across Canada in a couple of days.
  4. We’ve got all the great brands and our pricing reflects our service and quality.
  5. We’ve got the best staff that can help you search the perfect promotional products for your needs.
  6. We’re nice people. Do we need to say any more?

If its a pen, notepad, sport bottle or coffee cup, we’ve got all the styles, all the colors and we’re ready to quote them for you today.

Our 30+ years of experience in supplying high quality promotional products didn’t come for free. There was lots of trial and error, lots of learning and sometimes it was best to go home and come back the next day to try again.

But, now all these years later we know how to do the job our customers deserve — every time. There’s a reason we have over 100 reviews on google with an average of 4.9 stars. Experience the difference with newdog and reach out to us today!

why wait? start the process now!