We build and manage Web Stores for customers who are looking for a short run, garment only store site. 

Our model is based Pop up Store idea. Basically the store is opened on a set date and then closed within 3 to 4 weeks. 

Each store is setup for purchases via credit card and is fully functional. We’ve been doing web stores for over 8 years.

Once the store is closed, all the product is ordered and then imprinted – so the customer doesn’t have to worry about extra inventory. We individually bag and label each item for easier distribution.

We only offer garments on our stores at this time.

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what our website can do for you!

Web Stores

Our Web Stores are for garment sales within a company, charity or association.

You are able to select garments to be included in your store including Adult, Ladies and Youth sizes and any color that is available.

Your garments are displayed on the Web Store with full artwork - so your customers see the finished product.
We use a Moneris based payment cart and accept Credit Cards for payment.

If you are interested in a short run store and need more information on how to set one up -please contact us.

Pop-up Store

Our Pop Up stores work well for organizations that don't require always open web store but still want to use a simple, trouble free system to offer imprint garments to their customers.

There are a number of good reasons to use a Pop Up store. First you don't have to deal with over ordered product - or as we call it "dead inventory". With a Pop Up store your customers place their orders so you don't have to guess at how many garments to order.

Secondly we take care of all the payments, delivery and returns. it works really well.

Choosing newdog silk screening is a good idea!

There are great reasons to choose newdog web stores:

1. We’ve done this for a long time. 

2. We’ve got great coders in house.

3. We can ship across Canada in a couple of days. 

4. We’ve got all the great brands and our pricing reflects our service and quality.

5. We’ve got the best staff and equipment to design and manage your store. 

6. We’re nice people. 

If its a pop up store you need we are here to design it, manage it and deliver to your customers the best experience possible.. 

Finally, our 30+ years of experience in printing high quality silk screened products did not come for free. There was lots of trial and error…lots of learning and sometimes it was best to go home and come back the next day and try again. 

But, now all these years later we know how to do the job our customers deserve — every time.

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